Botulinum. A new technique? | Medizin

When the toxin first became available, incorrect...

When the toxin first became available, incorrect usage was at times associated with an outcome that could best be describe as "frozen".

Today, we are trying to improve the treatment:

  • We are looking for the best possible look for your age.
  • We are trying to get you looking rested and relaxed, as if you have just returned from vacation.
  • We are trying to avoid you to look tired or angry.
  • And the most important thing is, you are going to be capable of maintaining some degree of animation or expression, with long-lasting results.

An alteration in the concept of treatment accompanies the extensive application of Botulinum beyond the traditional upper facial areas, as harmony ist the key to success in creating a natural look, with a more aesthetically pleasing outcome.

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Dr. Gerke